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The Importance of Maintaining Good Pool Chemistry

Your best friends in maintaining good pool chemistry are a pool water testing kit and the expertise of a pool specialist when needed.

Maintaining good pool chemistry is important for keeping your pool water sparkling clean, your pool liner algae-free,  and your pool equipment free of corrosion and scaling.  It guards against that murky water and bacteria growth that can be harmful to swimmers. Pool owners need to ensure that the pH ,total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels are properly balanced at all times. The most important pool chemicals are chlorine/shock (to disinfect the water of bacteria or chemical pollutants) and P.H. balancer (to raise or lower the levels of acidity). However there may be times when other pool chemicals are required like buffer (to stabilize ph levels), stabilizer (to prevent the loss of chlorine to sun-exposure), and algaecide (to help remove algae build-up) to name a few.


*High quality Made In Canada Mursatt products used by swimming pool professionals

including chlorine pucks, pool salt, stabilizer, shock, ph increaser and reducer, buffer, algaecide and other specialty items!

*Free total analysis of your pool water on each delivery date to ensure you are keeping your pool water clean and safe!

*Quick and easy ways to order and re-order what you need​, when you need it!