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  • Indicator of damage to liner, pool equipment, or plumbing

  • ​Can lead to structural damage over long-term


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While it is normal for a pool to lose a moderate amount of water due to evaporation and splash out, any amount greater than a 1/4 inch per day may indicate that you have a leak! 

Think twice before digging up your pool area, or worse, breaking up a concrete deck. ReedPool can usually find a leak within a foot or two using sophisticated sonic equipment and the latest leak detection tools. If your leak is in the pool shell or liner we have divers on staff who are experts at underwater repairs.

Following are some tips for determining whether your pool might be leaking:

The Bucket Test

To accurately find out if your pool is leaking perform this test. Fill a plastic bucket with pool water. Place the bucket on the pool steps. Mark the water level inside the bucket with a marker. Mark the water level of the pool on the outside of the bucket. Check the bucket after 12-24 hours. If the water loss on the outside of the bucket is greater than the water loss on the inside of the bucket, you have a leak.

Now let's try to narrow the location of the leak down a bit. Repeat the test but this time shut off the pool pump. Is the water loss over the same time period more, less, or the same? If water loss is the same, the leak is probably in the liner, or main drain. If water loss is greater when the pump is off,  leak is probably in a suction line such as the skimmer. If water loss is less when the pump is off, the leak is probably in the return lines.

Clues For the Leak Detective

  - Check your backwash line when pump is running to make sure it is ​​not leaking.

  - A lot of bubbles going into the pump basket may indicate a suction line leak.

  - Soft mushy ground near the pool may indicate where a line is leaking.

  - Deck stones that have sunken may indicate a leak area.

  - If you suspect that the leak is in the liner, check the rubber bumpers on your pool ladder. If they are missing, the ladder will cut through the liner in no time.





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